The Global Energy Prize laureate 2006

Robert Aymar made a great impact on he development of plasma physics: the Tore Supra tokamak was built under his management in France, and ITER successfully enacted a complete technical design


A French physicist and pioneer in the field of plasma research, Robert Aymar is not called a “favourer” or “godfather” of ITER for nothing. As an outstanding scientist who devoted his life to the research of plasma physics, he became a force of tremendous influence. Thanks to his drive, it was possible to create an inexhaustible source of environmentally friendly energy and implement of one of the largest international projects in the history of mankind....  Aymar is sure that fundamental science remains the main driver of scientific progress and technological development. One of his main characteristics, which has brought about many of his successful inventions, is inquisitiveness. “History tells us that the big technological breakthroughs of mankind are a result of our purest inquisitiveness. Innovation is the key to many modern problems of development, and the initial force of innovation is fundamental knowledge. Without it, there would not be a scientific result implementable in real life. For example, during Faraday’s experiments with electricity, he was following his inquisitiveness, and as a result we have electricity today. Research and developmental experiments with candles could not lead to such results,” concludes Aymar.

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