The Global Energy Prize laureate 2005

Semiconductor heterostructures discovered by Zhores Alferov formed


the basis for the technological breakthrough of the late 20-th century The 20-th century was the period of revolutions: social upheavals and scientific discoveries, incredible technical achievements, which seem to have come from pages of science fiction books, and radical changes in people’s views on the world around them. One of such leaps forward through the customary was the information explosion of the 20-th century, which once and forever irreparably violated a slow and lazy mode of life of people of the past. New occupations, new technologies, new professions, new training, new thinking – all these signs of the 21 century already familiar to us would be impossible without computers, databases and computer data processing. Computers creation came true after invention of semiconductors. Therefore, scientists specify one more revolution, i.e. semiconductor revolution performed by physicists – the heroes of the semiconductor electronics. In the late twentieth century, the United States, the Great Britain and the USSR carried out studies in this industry. One of the top specialists of this great epoch was Zhores Alferov, our compatriot, who received the Nobel Prize in 2000 for “fundamental works in communication and information technologies”. Already in 2005, he became the Laureate of the Global Energy Prize for “fundamental research and significant contribution to the creation of semiconductor converters for solar and electric power industry”.

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