The Global Energy Prize laureate 2004

Alexander Sheindlin provided for scientific basis of modern thermal power engineering


He seemed to inspire confidence just by his presence; his wisdom was pacificating; his rare ability to separate the seeds from chaff in many ways determined the life and scientific path of his students. “We’ve been friends with this remarkable man for many years,” wrote the academician Vladimir Fortov being a reputed, recognized, and well-known scientist. – “I could observe him in many difficult, often critical life and work situations. But I never saw him upset, distressed, annoyed, or depressed... In my life, I long ago made it a rule to always follow the advice of the academician Sheindlin even when I could not fully understand it. And nearly always (in 95% of cases) Alexander Efimovich turned out to be right.”  This is probably the feature of a great scholar: not only scientific papers and inventions, but also the creation of an environment that attracts and promotes talents, an “energy field” full of ideas and projects. The ability to remain not only a man of science, but also just a man.

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