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The Global Energy Prize laureate 2013

Vladimir Fortov established a new area in science – Dynamic physics of collisional plasma – and made a significant contribution into the development of pulse and industrial energy, space physics, controlled fusion, and missile machinery. President of Russian Academy of Science in 2013-2017.


The scientific interests of Vladimir range from the physics of powerful shock waves in dense plasma and extreme conditions of a substance, to the dynamic physics of collisional plasma and space. He supervised and took part in theoretical and experimental work in the fields of high-density energy physics, physics of collisional plasma, chemical physics, space physics, the theory of combustion and explosion, the thermo-physical properties of substances, and substance behavior in extreme conditions. Globally, Fortov is famous as the creator and manager of a new scientific field called dynamic physics of collisional plasma. Having started almost from scratch, from the unknown, Vladimir Fortov dramatically expanded our understanding of major properties of matter in extreme conditions.