The Global Energy Prize laureate 2013

Allam’s Cycle is not perpetuum mobile, but circulation of carbon dioxide, where СО2 does not pollute the atmosphere, but rotates a turbine


It is commonly believed that alternative energy sources are natural resources which aren’t yet used on a commercial scale (by contrast to conventional hydrocarbons), or only insufficiently used for electricity or heat production due to the complexity of the process or a high price. For instance, the energy of wind or sun, heat of the earth or tidal power. However, the further technologies develop, the more it becomes obvious that the main source of power resides in brains of people, scientists, engineers and inventors. As, in fact, it is the power of thought that creates sources of light, ideas sustain devices in operation and innovations drive engines. The new method of using traditional and common resources instead of conventional resources becomes an alternative energy source more and more frequently. Rodney John Allam, an English engineer, chemist and researcher, invented how to convert carbon dioxide, a combustion product and emission, into fuel for power stations, how to turn CO2 which pollutes the air and threatens the future of humankind into an available and almost inexhaustible resource, and how not to combat global warming and reduce CO2 emissions but rather use them to produce electricity. Rodney Allam developed integrated CO2 compression with simultaneous elimination of other pollutants and invented new technologies for producing liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas. CO2 has already been called a new generation fuel. He has invented the so-called Allam Power Cycle principle, which is no perpetuum mobile, but a technology of CO2 emissions capture, an endless cycle, due to which CO2 does not pollute the environment but rotates turbine engines. Mr. Allam’s invention brought him worldwide recognition and attracted investors ready to use his developments at a pilot power plant and that was even more important. The researcher’s discovery was extraordinary, and it must be said, Mr. Allam himself is an extraordinary person too. He started his scientific research upon retirement, after having worked for a manufacturing company for 44 years. Today, he calls this period his “44 years of apprenticeship” and believes that none of his inventions could have been made without this long and intense experience in his company.

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