The Global Energy Prize laureate 2011

Philipp Rutberg invented a method of obtaining synthetic fuel by means of combustion of regular municipal wastes


Professor Rutberg’s discovery is usually called different names: waste-to-energy generation, productive waste, refuse derived energy and even refer to star wars in connection with it! Professor’s multiyear research in the field of dense low-temperature plasma resulted in the technology of synthetic gas generation: a cheap and effective analog of LNG out of regular municipal waste. The project instantly attracted the attention of both scientific community, journalists and common people. Pure light out of literal garbage seems to be a clear and symbolic story. On the one hand, Professor Rutberg demonstrated not some theoretical or fantastic perpetuum mobile, but a real renewable energy source, since humankind cannot avoid waste generation. The production of waste is as continuous as blowing of the wind and sun shine (in other words, other alternative energy generators). On the other hand, the researcher suggested a solution which may help us to avoid future apocalyptic scenarios and fight monstrous municipal sump sites and plastic islands in the ocean. His technologies turn the customary vision upside down: the more waste – the more we get light and heat. The more plastic bottles – the cleaner and lighter it is in the streets. We do not have to reject plastic or disposable packing, on the contrary: use it more! Waste might be not an enemy of the environment and the planet, but become an important producer of synthetic gas. At that, this is not an idea, but an engineering unit, a ready technological solution.

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