The Global Energy Prize laureate 2009



Alexey Kontorovich is the author of oil production which served the basis of exploration and successful development of Siberian oil deposits He calls himself a “Kerosene Man” and these words characterize quite accurately his scientific biography and the long list of the researcher’s achievements and merits, as well as the range of his R&D interests. Alexey Kontorovich came to oil geology in the late 1950-s when the scientific world did not know much about petroleum as compared to the present days. The oil which was known at that time came to the surface by itself, and the giant growth of oil and natural gas extraction – oil and gas boom – was still ahead, same as the development of the unique fields in Middle East and West Siberia. In the last nearly sixty years, the researcher made his way from a young graduate of Tomsk University to world recognition as an academician, from engineer to the author of predictions about oil-and-gas bearing regions which later served the basis for exploration and successful development of oil and gas fields. This means that Kerosene Man is actually one of those whom we should thank for resource-based well-being of Russia in the 21 century. In fact, Alexey Emilievich has founded a major scientific tradition of fundamental research in the field of geology, geochemistry and genesis of hydrocarbons, regularities of location of their deposits in sedimentary rocks. The academician’s knowledge and merits have been widely recognized. The head of the state sends personal congratulations to Dr. Kontorovich on the days of his anniversaries (the 70-th and already 80-th). “Being an outstanding researcher, you made a considerable contribution into the development of prospective sectors of geology and geochemistry, development of oil and gas fields of Siberia. Today, your research and developments serve to strengthen the reputation of Russia’s science and technology, growth of fuel and energy complex in this country”, said President Vladimir Putin in his welcome address. In 2009, Academician Kontorovich was awarded the Global Energy Prize “for research on implementation of new methods of exploration and development of hydrocarbons, the contribution into preparation of programs “Energy Strategy of Russia” and “The Concept of Development of Coal Industry in Russia”. In the same year, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) also awarded the academician for his “momentous contribution into oil and gas geology”.

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