The Global Energy Prize laureate 2008

Oleg Favorsky is a researcher and creator of turbo-jet engines


On August 31, 1977, test pilot Alexander Fedotov flew his E-266M fighter aircraft (with a specially tuned MiG-25 interceptor) to a height of 37 kilometers and 650 meters. This unique machine and first-rate pilot made an absolute record: not a single airplane had reached such a height before. This record remains unbroken, and unique interceptors of that type, now improved and named MiG-31s, still comprise our airborne defense. The development of these unrivaled machine engines is only one example of academician Oleg Favorsky’s various achievements. In the span of his career he contributed a vast amount of research and development in diverse applications, from nuclear airplanes to environmentally-friendly inventions. But first things first. In April 2008, Oleg became a laureate of the Global Energy Prize. It was hard for the Jury to select only one project of his for the prize, so the wording was a bit general, which does not lessen the expressed appreciation of Oleg’s impact on military defense and energy in Russia.

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