CEN KEFA (China)

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
President of the Institute for Thermal Power Engineering at Zhejiang University


High-efficiency, clean energy technologies; resource utilization, including utilization of fossil fuels and waste-to-energy; development and utilization of renewable energy; utilization of biomass energy, hydrogen production, clean coal combustion and gasification technologies; coal-water slurry combustion; fluidized bed combustion for power generation; power plant boiler computer-aided testing technologies; and advanced laser diagnostic technologies.

- proposed the concept of polygeneration processes for heat, electricity, and fuel gas as early as 1987;
 - experimental 1-MW syngas and steam cogeneration apparatuses were built—much experimentation and theoretical research have been since conducted on the key technologies of the proposed approach;
- converted a 300-MWe lignite-burning circulating fluidized bed boiler into a 300-MWe circulating fluidized bed heat, electricity, and fuel gas polygeneration facility (still using lignite).

Award for National advanced science and technology workers, May 1 Labor Medal awarder, National Universities of advanced science and technology workers,
The First Prize for Guanghua Science and Technology Fund,
The second sub-Ru Niu Golden Medal for Burlingame Hong Kong (China) Education Foundation, Science and Technology Award for significant contributions in Zhejiang Porovince.