Remus Teodorescu (Denmark)

Associate Professor at the Institute of Technology, Aalborg University, teaching courses in power electronics and electrical energy system control for masters and PhD students.

He has authored over 80 journal and conference papers, holds 3 patents.

He is the founder and coordinator of the Green Power Laboratory at Aalborg University, focusing on the development and testing of grid converters for renewable energy systems.

His areas of interests are: design and control of power converters used in photovoltaics and wind power systems, grid integration with wind power, medium-voltage converters, HVDC/FACTS, energy storage.

Key Achievements:

developed Grid converters able to exhibit advanced functions like: dynamic control of active and reactive power, operation within a wide range of voltage and frequency, voltage ride-through capability, reactive current injection during faults, grid services support.

 - Prize paper award in the Industrial Power Converter Committee at the Annual Meeting of the IEEE Industry Applications Society, 1998
- Third Optim-ABB Prize Paper Award, IEEE-OPTIM’2002
- “Medaille d’Or” at International Invention Fair, EUREKA’95, Brussels
- Best 2009 IEEE PELS chapter as chair of Danish IEEE IAS/PELS/IES Chapter - Innovation Award - Nordjysk University Fund, April 2011