The Energy of Words

International      Media Contest

About the contest

The Energy of Words International Media Contest is held for journalists from all over the world who are engaged in media coverage of the energy sphere.

 Each year, the project recognizes those authors who have made a significant contribution to the information support of issues, decisions and trends in the field of global energy.


This contest was established in 2004 by the Global Energy Association on development of international research and projects in the field of energy.


Terms and conditions

Only those materials are allowed to participate in the contest, which were published in the media from May 3, 2018, to May 27, 2019.

Articles, opinion pieces, interviews published in newspapers, magazines, including those published online, television reports published on the Internet, special projects are accepted for consideration. The main criterion for evaluation - all materials should be devoted to the world energy sector.

Entries can be written in any language. An abstract describing the purpose of the material, the problems that are considered in the publication, the main theses and conclusions of the author should be attached to every submitted entry (in English, 400 words max).

The materials are evaluated according to the following criteria: the depth of the research topic, analytical approach, objectivity and unbiased research, the innovation of the proposed ideas and literary skills. Evaluation of the competition entries is carried out by an independent expert commission. The decision of the commission is final.

The winners will be announced in mid-August this year. They will have an opportunity to take part in all the events of the Global Energy Prize Laureate`s week in October 2019, during which the award ceremony will be held. Also, they will be entitled to a number of exclusive interviews.

Applications are accepted from May 28 to July 31, 2019.


Terry Macalister (UK)  - The Guardian

 The energy sector has never been so important before. The population growth and national welfare expansion means that demand for energy will increase in the near future. This kind of award encourages journalists to shine a spotlight on this topic as well as draws global attention to technical solutions, ecological problems and political obstacles. 

Geoff Dembicki (Canada) - Foreign Policy

I was pleased to learn that I was selected as the winner for this year’s  Energy of Words Contest. This year’s Global Energy Prize laureates are helping move global solutions forward.  

Journalism has a vital role to play in communicating our energy challenges to the public.  

Awards like this allow us to appreciate the progress we’ve made in solving those challenges – and take stock of how far we still have left to go. 

 Natasha Loder (UK) - The  Economist

I am really grateful to the Global Energy Prize Award Committee for the recognition. Journalist’s prizes are very important because they help drawing attention to the questions we cover in our articles which otherwise will be neglected. This award will help me to continue doing things I love and tell stories that inspire and delight readers.

Martin Fackler  (USA) -

The New York Times

The Energy of Words is one of the few awards acknowledging journalists for outstanding achievements in illuminating energy sector. It is a great way to attract global mass media to this filed as well as to arouse interest in energy and ecology.

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