The Laureates` Week in Saint Petersburg: 

The XIV Global Energy Prize Laureates` Week took place in Saint Petersburg, June 13-19.

The main difference compared to 2015 - 

The amount of activities has doubled!

Who has taken part in our events?

The 2016 Global Energy Prize laureate and laureates of previous years, representatives of Prize founding companies, members of the Partnership`s Board of Trustees, winners of different partnership`s programs, energy industry experts, businessmen and journalists, science propagandists and TV hosts.

Here is a caleydoscope of unforgettable moments of the 2016 lauretes` week!

Please enjoy full photo-story within its 7 days!

Press conference on Innovations in energy efficiency and energy saving in Russia

Breakthrough energy technologies were discussed in Saint Petersburg


The "Energy of Knowledge" at LETI

The Global Energy Prize laureate Valentin Parmon spoke with the students of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"


The "Energy of Thought" scientific symposium

The Global Energy Prize laureates and young scientists, the winners of the “Energy of Youth” program, told about their developments: technologies principal to the energy of the future


The Youth day of the Global Energy Prize

The event was held in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The winners of the youth programs, “The Energy of Youth” and “The Energy of Start” were in the center of attention


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Press conference on the Global XXI Century Energy Trends

Traditional energy needs non-conventional scientific breakthroughs


The "Global Energy" Board of Trustees at SPIEF-2016

The Board of Trustees approved the Nobel Prize Laureate Rae Kwon Chung from South Korea as a member of The Global Energy Prize International Award Committee


The "Energy of Words" is awarded

The winner of the “Energy of Words” International Media Competition, UK journalist Robin Mills, was acknowledged for the article “Gulf Castles of Sand”


Open meeting of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee

The first in the history of the project open discussion of the nomination process and the upcoming Global Energy Prize Summit


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The Global Energy brought the Nobel Prize laureates together within the framework of SPIEF-2016: "Global Minds - Global Solutions Discussion"

The Global Energy Prize lauretes meeting with the Nobel Prize laureates at SPIEF


The solemn Global Energy Prize Award Ceremony

Awarding of the 2016 Global Energy Prize laureate Valentin Parmon for a breakthrough development of new catalysts in the area of petrolium refining and renewable sources of energy as a principal contribution into the energy of the future


The "Global Energy" is the center of economic forecasts

The Forseight session with the Nobel Prize laureates and the Global Energy Prize laurete


Agreements signed within SPIEF-2016

The Global Energy spurs initiatives promoting personal and professional development of young specialists in the energy field. A number of agreements aimed at support of young Russian scientists were signed within SPIEF-2016.


The Global Energy Prize stand at SPIEF-2016

For the first time in a long history of participation in SPIEF, the Global Energy Prize opened its stand for the forum`s guests.


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